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While the World Rally Championship field witnessed some dramatic moments during Rally Portugal, the WRC2 category took the intensity to another level.

Shortly after overall leader Kalle Rovanperä’s exit from the event due to a crash, WRC2 frontrunner Oliver Solberg faced a similar fate. Pepe López, Teemu Suninen, and Pierre-Louis Loubet had already encountered mishaps, crashing their cars into the trees. Later, new leader Gus Greensmith joined them on the sidelines, followed by Sami Pajari, who endured a series of incidents before crashing on the penultimate stage of the rally.

Amidst the chaos, Jan Solans emerged as an unexpected victor, securing Toyota’s GR Yaris Rally2 its inaugural WRC2 victory, ahead of Josh McErlean and Lauri Joona.

Among the leading WRC2 championship contenders, Yohan Rossel managed to salvage a respectable fifth position, earning 10 crucial points. With Rossel now holding a 10-point lead, jointly leading the standings with Solberg before the event, the championship battle intensifies.

Despite facing setbacks during the rally, including a puncture and penalties for timing-related infractions, Rossel remains optimistic about his prospects in the WRC2 title race. He expressed confidence in his Citroën C3 Rally2’s performance on both asphalt and gravel surfaces, attributing improvements to the car’s development.

Rossel acknowledged the challenges posed by competitors like Solberg and Greensmith but emphasized his determination to close the gap and compete at the forefront of the championship.

Reflecting on his performance in Portugal, Rossel highlighted his consistent pace and expressed satisfaction with the team’s progress. Despite acknowledging the potential impact of mistakes on the championship battle, Rossel remains focused on showcasing his speed and competitiveness in every event.

Looking ahead to future rallies, Rossel anticipates continued improvement and competitiveness, aiming to assert his presence as a top contender in the WRC2 category.

Following Rally Portugal, Rossel announced a change in co-driver, with Benjamin Boulloud stepping in to replace Arnaud Dunand, marking a new chapter in his rallying journey.

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