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Jon Scoltock, DirtFish’s new rallies editor, recently had the pleasure of experiencing Rally Portugal firsthand, marking a significant moment in his journalistic career. As he embarked on his journey through the rally’s iconic locations, the rich history and palpable excitement were impossible to ignore.

Venturing through Villa Pouca, where the towering tribute to Colin McRae stands proudly, and witnessing the famous Fafe jump, Scoltock couldn’t help but be captivated by the rally’s allure. Interviewing rally legends Michèle Mouton and Andrea Adamo provided invaluable insights into what makes Fafe so special.

Embracing new opportunities, Scoltock delved into video production, offering his perspective in end-of-day review videos alongside Colin Clark. Witnessing Rally1 cars in action further fueled his appreciation for the sport’s spectacle, despite personal reservations about the current regulations.

Engaging with drivers and teams during morning interviews offered a glimpse into the pre-stage rituals and anticipation that permeates the rally atmosphere. Moments like tracking Toyota’s Elfyn Evans through challenges on Friday underscored the thrill of being immersed in the rally’s action.

Reflecting on the rally’s unique blend of fan engagement and competitive spirit, Scoltock emphasized the importance of human stories in rallying. As part of the DirtFish team, he’s eager to continue sharing these captivating narratives with rally enthusiasts worldwide.

With Rally Portugal now behind him, Scoltock eagerly anticipates future rally events, eager to uncover more stories and insights from the world of rallying.

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