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Agreement Allows Hyundai to Enhance i20 N Rally1 with Homologation Jokers

In a significant development for the 2025 World Rally Championship (WRC) season, Hyundai has secured permission from rival manufacturers to utilize two years’ worth of homologation jokers to upgrade its i20 N Rally1 car.

Following the cancellation of its new-for-2025 car project, Hyundai sought approval from Toyota and M-Sport to allocate all remaining jokers to enhance the current machine for the upcoming season.

Cyril Abiteboul, Hyundai’s team principal, refrained from divulging specific details of the agreement but emphasized addressing reliability concerns and refining the car’s setup as primary objectives. Abiteboul highlighted the critical role of the joker system in achieving these improvements, estimating that it would enable the team to implement approximately half of its intended upgrades.

Abiteboul also underscored the potential benefits of the agreement for all manufacturers, facilitating the implementation of desired enhancements across the board.

Acknowledging the deliberations involved in reaching this decision, rival team principal Richard Millener emphasized the importance of balancing performance considerations with fairness and the overall health of the sport. Millener emphasized the need for constructive dialogue to ensure a level playing field while preserving the competitiveness and integrity of the championship.

Millener emphasized the broader implications of such agreements, emphasizing the interconnectedness of decisions with the sport’s growth, competitiveness, and sustainability.

Overall, the agreement reflects a collaborative effort among manufacturers to address challenges and enhance the competitiveness of the WRC, paving the way for closer battles, increased fan engagement, and the potential for additional manufacturers to join the championship fray.

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