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Prodrive, the renowned British outfit, has crafted the Sandrider, Dacia’s latest rally-raid prototype set to debut in the W2RC later this year. This vehicle will mark Dacia’s entry into the Dakar rally in 2025, with Sébastien Loeb, a nine-time World Rally champion, among the three factory drivers.

Named the “Sandrider,” the car draws inspiration from Dacia’s Manifesto SUV concept and will be constructed by Prodrive, supported by the sporting arm of the Renault Group. Designed to meet Ultimate T1+ Cars class regulations, the Sandrider underwent initial testing in England this April and will debut competitively at October’s Rallye du Maroc, the final round of the FIA World Rally-Raid Championship.

The Dacia Sandriders team is gearing up for its Dakar debut next year, alongside a full 2025 W2RC campaign. Dacia has committed to a two-year world championship program, intending to run the Sandrider until at least the 2027 Dakar edition.

Featuring a three-liter V6 twin-turbo engine sourced from Nissan, the same used in the Nissan Z sportscar, and utilizing sustainable Aramco synthetic fuel, the Sandrider marks Dacia’s inaugural foray into official motorsports.

With Sébastien Loeb and five-time Dakar champion Nasser Al-Attiyah at the helm, Dacia underscores its determination to excel in the grueling Dakar rally-raid. Loeb, expressing his commitment to the project, opted to stay with Prodrive despite receiving other offers, citing the project’s professionalism and investment from Dacia as decisive factors.

The driver lineup, including Cristina Gutierrez, who clinched victory in the Challenger class at Dakar 2024, underscores the team’s depth and ambition as they prepare to tackle the challenging Dakar terrain.

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