Rendered Speculation: AMG Mercedes-Benz Citan Concept – TWI Motors

The Citan is the initial offering to be borne from the 2010 partnership between the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Mercedes-Benz’ parent company Daimler. The all-new Mercedes van is assembled at Renault’s factory in Maubeuge, France, where the automaker also produces the Kangoo.

Spartan A Class styling has apparently led Malaysian automotive manipulator Theophilus Chin to speculate on what might result from adding a little spice.

“Personally, I’d take this over the Mini Clubvan,” says Chin. “I gave the Citan a new front bumper and side skirt. ride height is reduced significantly, while the tracks are both increased, and wearing wider tires. The wheels are AMG too. Last adjustments are darkening of headlight housing and all windows.”

While Mercedes-Benz said it has no current plans to offer the compact van in the US, the new Citan will be available at European dealerships by early 2013.

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