Motorcraft oil: Who makes oil for Motorcraft?

For more than 30 years, Motorcraft oil has been in the country, providing a wide range of products for the maintenance of Ford vehicles, including oils, alarms, shock absorbers, batteries, spark plugs, belts, brushes, filters, fluids and brake pads.

Motorcraft oil

In this opportunity, a new line of lubricants for both cars and trucks is added, being oils of the highest technology of the multigrade type to protect the engine, providing efficiency in the economy, less wear on parts and at the same time competitive in price.

Ford Motor Argentina

Within the framework of the 129th Rural Exhibition, where Ford Motor Argentina has a stand, we spoke with Tomás Grignaschi, Ford Argentina Aftermarket Marketing and Sales Manager, who pointed out that this line of lubricants covers the entire range of products, whether it is synthetic oil, semi-synthetic and mineral. These lubricants are manufactured by YPF, Ford’s strategic partner and distributed and marketed by Ford dealers, Quick Lane and lubricant centers in the country.

Motorcraft oil
Motorcraft oil

Type of litter

The synthetic and semi-synthetic oils are available in 1 and 4-liter drums, for the mineral type in 205-liter drums, while for the extra-heavy ones in a 20-liter bucket and a 205-liter drum.

Motorcraft oil is one of the leading brands in international spare parts, with an outstanding presence in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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