Fayence Yellow Porsche Carrera GT getting a 4 year service

Fayence Yellow Porsche Carrera GTGetting a Carrera GT serviced is not an easy job. The 4 year service is done on the CGT regardless of how big has the mileage been. To get the service done most parts are stripped off and there are not many mechanics who are qualified to do this.

Some of the main things that are done during the service are: change of oil and filters, new drive belt, visual inspection for leaks and completeness, through check of brake system and nuts, clutch check, check smoothness of the throttle, check of steering, check of axle joints, check of drive shafts, visual inspection of exhaust system, check of tires and wheels, check of roof panels, check of rear wing drive, check of lights, check of seat belts and air bags, check of ac and replace of spark plugs.

That is a lot of work for a car that has less than 10,000 miles on it, but lets not forget this is not an ordinary car.

via: TeamSpeed

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